Therapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Did you attend yoga classes but left discouraged about your ability to do yoga?

Do you believe you’re not fit enough or flexible enough to practice yoga?

Are you too self-conscious or intimidated in a group to attend a yoga class?

Yoga is so much more than a particular pose or asana. It’s a way of being that can teach you skills to relate to your authentic self exactly as you are in any given moment.

How Therapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Supports Change

Woman meditating by mountain lakeYou are an amazingly, resilient survivor of life’s challenges and traumatic experiences. However the very behaviors that helped you cope and survive may now actually be life depleting rather than life enhancing. Continuing to repeat these same behaviors becomes maladaptive resulting in your central nervous system replaying the same old familiar tune over and over, reactivating experiences of unwanted emotions, anxiety or depression. Your involuntary reflex may be conditioned to repeat the same old pattern and as a result you may even find yourself behaving in unintended ways at times in spite of your determination to act differently. Traumatic life experiences create the perfect breeding ground for constriction and patterns of holding in the body. This creates blocked and stagnant energy resulting in dis-ease and/or imbalances in mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is an invitation to explore and experience a new relationship with your breath (pranayama), your physical body (asanas) and your mind (meditation) in order to support you to return to a more natural experience of balance and well-being. Yoga isn’t about achieving a particular posture or asana perfectly. It is an opportunity to learn how to utilize your body and your breath to soften into the moment and greet yourself exactly where you are with an attitude of increased compassion and acceptance. It may be acceptance of the fact your body is resisting or acceptance you are feeling off balance today or even noticing that you are unable to quiet your mind. It is, most importantly an invitation to learn to meet yourself wherever you are at. It is an opportunity to learn new skills for regulating your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system to energize and/or calm your body and mind.

Judy's yoga studioTherapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is about ‘having choice’ in all aspects of your participation and you are encouraged to follow what feels right for you during a class. I consider you to be the expert of your experience.

Your intention for attending a class might be to learn how to calm your mind, to breathe more deeply or to learn to be comfortable with discomfort. Maybe you’re looking to alleviate pain, increase flexibility or strength. Whatever your reason I invite you to contact me today to explore your opportunity to develop a whole new relationship with you, your mind, your body and your life experience.

Now offering group sessions combining Therapeutic Yoga and Trauma Therapy. Call today for details and upcoming intake dates or see our Facebook page for current Yoga schedules.

I am honored to be a graduate of Langara College Yoga Teacher Training and Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, Resilience and Emotional Well Being. I experience Therapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga to be one of the gentlest, most empowering practices for creating lasting and profound change, both personally and professionally. Call me today to explore how Therapeutic Trauma-Sensitive Yoga may be of benefit in your life.

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