Focusing-Oriented Therapy

Focusing-oriented therapy is psychotherapy that uses Focusing as an integral part of its process. First discovered by Dr Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago in the mid 1960’s, Focusing is a powerful process allowing us to connect with our body’s deeper ‘felt sense’ of an issue or problem. Focusing presents us with more information than just our thoughts or our emotional feeling. It connects us more with our overall experience of the situation at a deeper level. When we explore issues at this deeper, implicit level we begin to shift and transform how we relate to those experiences and the impact they have on our life in the present.

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Focusing-Oriented Therapy for Complex Trauma

Focusing-oriented therapy for Complex Trauma was first developed by Shirley Turcotte, based on her Metis heritage, her own experience of healing from trauma and from treating trauma survivors. This therapy incorporates important components required for many types of issues and is especially important for those healing from complex trauma. Intergenerational/vicarious trauma, inner critic work, reclaiming identity, regression, and de-colonization are some of the profound contributions in understanding and treating these issues.

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Focusing-Oriented Complex Trauma Therapy Introductory Workshop

This is a two day Introduction to Focusing Oriented Complex Trauma therapy workshop for counsellors and health care professionals. The practice of Focusing, first discovered by Dr Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago in the 1960’s, connects us with our body's deeper 'felt sense' of an issue or problem. It connects us with our overall experience at a deeper level and when we explore issues at this deeper, implicit level we begin to shift and transform how we relate to those experiences.

Day 1 provides you with an experiential introduction to Focusing.
Day 2 explores how Focusing-Oriented therapy, coupled with current knowledge of complex trauma, brain development and adult learning; can support clients to ‘sit beside’ an issue rather than ‘in it’. This new perspective to these life challenges can lead to resolution, empowerment and renewed hope.

Learning Focusing-Oriented Complex Trauma therapy also offers invaluable skills beneficial for enhancing self-care and avoiding burnout to those in the helping professions.

Location: Centrally located in Fleetwood, Surrey, BC
Cost: $325 + 5% GST. ($50 deposit at time of registration will hold your space with balance due at time of workshop)
Space is limited. Contact Judy for upcoming workshop dates.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy Supervision

I am certified by the Focusing Institute of New York as a Trainer and Supervisor of Focusing Oriented Therapy. I am available in person or by Skype for supervision sessions.

Contact Judy Now for information on upcoming Focusing-Oriented Complex Trauma Therapy workshops, training or supervision

I am also an Approved Supervisor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

I hold Supervisor designation with ACCT to provide supervision for Intern Counsellors.


Contact Judy Now for More Information on Training or Supervision.

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